Who is LS? Who builds LS tractors?

Sherlock Equipment is your local, largest supplying LS Tractor Dealer in Western Washington! The LS Tractor brand, was introduced in 2009, prior to that LS Tractor has over 30 years of experience building other tractors such as the highly respected New Holland tractor. In those 9 years LS Tractor, has been recognized as the fastest growing tractor brand.

  • While the LS Tractor name may be new to you, LS has been building tractors for over 35 years. LS began as part of the well-respected LG Group, a brand with a worldwide reputation for quality and customer satisfaction.
  • LS Tractor USA, and its tractor manufacturing parent LS Mtron, are member companies of the LS Group, among the largest corporations in South Korea with annual sales of $30 billion. The LS Group has more than 100 subsidiaries and offices operating in over 25 countries around the world.
  • LS Mtron has won numerous design awards and has earned a reputation for building top quality, high value tractors. Thus, exports have been growing over 30% per year, making it one of the fastest growing tractor companies in the world. With nearly 50,000 tractors sold in North America, LS continues to build the business on a strong foundation of high quality and customer service.
  • To meet the rising demand of our high-quality, high value tractors, LS has built a state-of-the-art engine manufacturing facility as part of our plans to increase annual tractor production capacity to 200,000 units by 2020.

Where are LS tractors made?

LS tractors are made in South Korea then shipped to the US where the assembly is then completed

Who will service my tractor?

You will be able to have your tractor serviced right here at Sherlock Equipment.  Whether it be warranty work, repairs or improvements it can all be done under one roof.

Where will I get parts for my tractor?

Parts for your LS tractor are readily available right here at Sherlock Equipment.  We can have any part, usually whatever you need within three business days and many times if needed we will have your part available that day.

Is it hard to get parts for my tractor?

Parts are only a phone call away!  LS has there “Tractor Down” program that allows most parts to be shipped within one day!

Do I have to purchase “LS only” attachments or implements for my tractor?

No, any attachment that is either “skid steer” compatible or a traditional “3-point” connection will work effortlessly on your LS tractor.

Does Sherlock Equipment have financing?

Yes we do!  We have several options available to assist you in your LS tractor purchase!  Just give us a call and we can discuss in person with you.

Will you deliver my tractor at time of purchase?

Yes, if you live within the Kitsap peninsula we will deliver your tractor as part of your purchase.  As well as we will pick up your tractor anytime that I needs service or repair.

What kind of “warranty” does LS offer?

LS offers an  industry leading 6-year warranty.  The first two are “bumper to bumper, the last four all major components with a year-long warranty on both the front loader and backhoe

What comes with my tractor purchase?

With each tractor purchased at Sherlock Equipment, along with top quality service, you will receive your first ‘50’ hour service, a kit consisting of Owner’s Manuals for everything you have purchased and a back pack full of LS supplies

Do you take trade ins?

Yes, we do, as long as your trade-in meets our criteria.  We will be happy to give you top dollar